This is a listing of useful links to medical information websites on the Internet: 

Mayo Clinic 

The famous Mayo Clinic offers useful clinical information and easy access to educational material about symptoms. diseases, and treatments.  Feel free to research your questions here to gain valuable understanding about your own health conditions.

Merck Manual for Patients

This is an easy to understand information service from one of the most respected textbook-style publications designed for patient use.  When you get to their opening screen, at the top-left, you can click on "Sections" and "Index" inorder to look through the web site.  At the top-right, there is a "Search" window where you can enter in your desired search terms.

National Library of Medicine

This link brings you to the Pub-Med Search Engine.  With a little bit of practice using this web site, you can read the same actual medical journal abstracts that most skilled physicians use to do their own research.

American Medical Association

This link takes you to the “Patient” section of one of the leading national organizations for medical education, patient and physician resources, and making national standards.  An interesting section is the Illustrated Atlas of the Body.

A Few Health Calculators

An easy to use collection of interesting and unusual health calculators and charts for patients.

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